KMSS Emergency Leadership Training, June 07-09, 2017 at Amayar Nadi Hotel, Mandalay

KMSS Emergency Leadership Training, June 07-09, 2017 at Amayar Nadi Hotel, Mandalay

KMSS National Office+ two Diocesan Offices have Humanitarian Capacity Development plan with the support of CAFOD for its Humanitarian Leadership Capacity Strengthening and improvement of Management Capacity. Under this HCD, a 3-day KMSS Emergency Leadership Training held from June 07-09, 2017 at Amayar Nadi Hotel in Mandalay was organized by KMSS National Office in fraternal collaboration and joint efforts with Caritas Sister Organizations of Caritas Australia, CAFOD, CRS, TROCAIRE and Training Technical Support from CRS and with active participation of KMSS Diocesan Directors, Program Coordinators and Emergency Project Managers from 17 KMSS Network Offices. A total of 31 participants from 16 Diocesan Offices fully and actively committed to. There were 14 KMSS Diocesan Directors, 14 KMSS Diocesan Program Coordinators and 3 Emergency Project Managers.


The ELT aimed to reinforce the understanding, commitment to and Coordination around the recently developed KMSS Humanitarian Policies and Protocols and Emergency Response Efforts and to building leadership competencies and awareness of emergency operations, strategy and planning.


The day one was very dedicated to make the reflection and reviewing of the KMSS Humanitarian Policy and Response Protocol, Decision Making in Emergencies and Localization initiative which were very new to the participants.


The day two focused on Management Style and Emergency Operations including the Leaders Challenge, Leadership Style and Emotional Intelligences, Operations in Emergencies, Coordination and Communication. For the last half day, the participants were given time to plan for the next steps and commitment to Prepositioning and Getting Ready for the future Emergencies. The facilitators would lead the participants to allow more opportunities for in –depth discussion, simulation exercises and sharing of experiences.


Finally, depending on the participant identified the key priorities in building humanitarian capacity, with the support of Caritas Sisters Organizations, the next step follow workshop for these leadership positions and the Emergency staff who directly working in the field would be have the planned for the future.


Special thanks to Training Facilitators include;

  1. Joanna Heil (Technical Advisor, Humanitarian Response Department, CRS)
  2. Amanda Schweitzer (Emergency Capacity Strengthening Coordinator, CRS)
  3. Myo Zaw (Humanitarian Capacity Development Manager, CAFOD)
  4. Helen Nic An Ri (Head of Humanitarian Programs, TROCAIRE)

Credit to FLP

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