Mandalay Archdiocese Offices

  • KMSS-Mandalay

    Director: Fr. Myint Soe

    Address: Archbishop’s House, Corner of 25th & 82nd St.

    Tel: 02-71945, 092100789


  • KMSS-Kalay


    Our people empowered, transformed and integrally developed.


    To serve our people, especially the poor, needy and marginalized by empowering them towards integral human development guided by the Gospel values and the social teachings of the Church.

    Organizational Information

    Karuna Mission Social Solidarity (KMSS) is a member of Caritas Internationalis (CI). Karuna Mission Social Solidarity or Caritas-Myanmar, mandated by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Myanmar (CBCM), is a faith based organization, officially registered (Reg. No. 1/local/0044) as a non-profit Local NGO to provide services for the all-round development of the community through integral approach prioritizing to the poor and the needy, inspired by the Principle

    KMSS Offices spread out across the country at sixteen locations (16 Diocesan KMSS-Offices) as of the of Catholic Social Teaching “Option for the poor”, as the social arms of Catholic Church in Myanmar.Church Administrative Structure in Myanmar with one National Office in Yangon. Each Diocesan KMSS has its own autonomy and determination but with strong coordination and networking between and among KMSSs on common Vision, Mission, Goal, Strategy, Policy Guidelines and provide technical assistance to each other upon request.

    KMSS-Kalay became a separate office since it was entitled as a new Diocese of Kalay on 23rd of May 2010, divided from Hakha Diocese, and become the social arm of Kalay Diocese. KMSS-Kalay covers its social services to two different geographical zones: upland in Chin State and lowland in Sagaing Region. There are three townships covered in Chin State and five Townships covered in Sagaing Region. It is geographically located in the north – western part of Myanmar. Kalay Diocese is bounded by the Diocese of Myitkyina on the north-east, while on the east by Archdiocese of Mandalay and Diocese of Hakha on the south. It is approximately 8585.3sq miles with civil Population of 578,557 and Catholic population is approximately 52,000 in number representing 8% of the total population. About 70% of the total population in Kalay Diocese is Chin ethnic groups under different Christian denominations.

    KMSS-Kalay has been constantly rendering its social services to the poor of all mankind (no matter of one’s ethnicity or religion) on the five sectors: Livelihoods, Health/HIV/AIDS, Education, Emergency Response/ Disaster Risk Reduction and Social Protection in pursuit of fulfilling the Diocesan Goal: “Our people transformed into mature, self-reliant, holistically developed local communities in solidarity with the Church”.

    The head office is located in Kalay Town and two sub-offices are located in Tedim and Tonzang Towns. There are (33) total staff who are serving the poor and the needy  at KMSS Kalay office and among them (18) staff working at the Head Office in Kalay, (12) staff are working at Tedim Sub-office and the rest (3) are working at Tonzang Sub-office. We conduct monthly coordination meeting and hold annual gathering is at the end of every year. Now we are implementing (10) projects in our organization.


    Director: Fr. Maximian Pau Sian Mung

    Phone: +95 7321821, +95 9422398877

    Address: No. 145, Tharthana Street, Thazin (3)Qt, Kalay Tsp. PO.02091, Sagaing Region


    Facebook: KMSS-Kalay

  • KMSS-Hakha

    Director: Fr. Joseph Ro Nei Thang

    Address: Diocese Pastoral Center 1194, Zaythit Qt, Hakha

    Tel: 070-21821, 09256270454 (Fr.)


  • KMSS-Myitkyina

    Director: Fr. Joseph Ja Yaw

    Address: St. Columban’s Cathedral, Myitkyina

    Tel: 074-24003, 09259168717 (Fr.)


  • KMSS-Banmaw


    A Church that is a united and participatory people of God, working together with faith, hope and love to build God's Kingdom of peace and justice in Banmaw. 


    To serve the poor and the needy by motivating and empowering those towards Quality and dignity of life based the social teaching of the Church. 

    Organizational Information

    On August 28, 2006 Pope Benedict XVI created Diocese of Banmaw and appointed Msgr.Raymond Sumlut Gam as the first Bishop of the Diocese. On Nov.17,2006 the new Diocese was blessed and on the 18th Nov,2006 the new Bishop of Ban maw Msgr.Raymond Sumlut Gam was ordained and enthroned by His Grace Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio, the Apostolate Delegate to Myanmar. 
    As Banmaw has been immediately promoted to a new Diocese and a new Bishop has been very immediately installed the 11 existing priests were being very strongly challenged with many responsibilities. The very first move of the bishop was the establishment of Diocesan Curia which will take care of the pastoral affaires and the establishment of Caritas Banmaw to take care of all the social development affairs. 
    Karuna Mission Social Solidarity-Banmaw (KMSS-Banmaw) is a Catholic Church Organization madated and established in 18th April 2007 by Bishop Raymond Sumlut Gam, the Ordinary of the diocese, and working in 4 townships in Banmaw District. KMSS-Banmaw is at the service of all the people regardless of race, color, religion and locality. Starting from 2016 Karuna Mission Social Solidarity-Banmaw (KMSS-Banmaw) has two major programs namely Humanitarian program and Development program. In humanitarian program, KMSS-Banmaw is working for Internally displaced people(IDPs) such as food support, shelter construction, shelter maintenance, support for camp running and camp management, assistance for person with specific needs, support for water and sanitation (WASH), community-based responses to Gender Based Violence, and house repair and reconstruction, pastoral and social trainings for children, women and youth who are voluntarily returnees from IDP camps to their villages.  In development program, we are doing livelihood program, education program, child protection project, mine risk education project, civic and peace education project for the poor people in the Diocese and the returnees from IDP camps. Currently KMSS-Banmaw is operating its program with 80 committed staffs in all operation fields. KMSS has deep roots in the project area that has resulted in acceptance in the target operational area that is ensuring safety and security.  

    KMSS benefits from a high level of recognition amongst the local population and with both parties to the conflict - the KIO/KIA in the NGCAs, and the local authorities and Myanmar armed forces in the GCAs. This high level of acceptance, along with an explicit commitment to the humanitarian principles of independence, neutrality and impartiality, forms a key component of KMSS’s security strategy in Kachin and Northern Shan States, enabling the staff to move freely between the GCAs and NGCAs to deliver humanitarian relief in areas few other organisations can access. 

    Karuna Mission Social Solidarity, Banmaw Diocese (KMSS-Banmawis established by Bishop of Banmaw diocese in 18th April, 2007. It is accountable to Bishop of Banmaw and to the entire Parish of Banmaw diocese for the Mission in accordance with these statutes.

    Organizational Structure


    Director: Fr. Michael Tan Gun

    Office Address: Karuna Mission Social Solidarity, Banmaw Diocese (KMSS-Banmaw) 
    C/O St. Patrick's Cathedral 
    Kok Ko Taw, TaziBanmawKachin State. 
    Tel: 095-74-50453 (This address is to be used only when addressing to Bishop of Banmaw diocese) 

    Karuna Myanmar Social Serives, Banmaw Diocese (KMSS Banmaw) 
    AD 2000- Pastoral Centre, East Tazi, Banmaw, Kachin State. 
    Tel: 0095 74  50744   (office Myanmar phone) 
    6286650 (office Chinese phone) 
    Email: (This email address should be used when addressing directly to Director and Karuna staff)


  • KMSS-Lashio

    Director: Fr. Luigi

    Address: Scared Heart’s Cathedral, San Kaung Rd, Block 2, Lashio 06301

    Tel: 082-30232, 22606, 09403744556 (Fr.), 096700116


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