Our People empowered, transformed and integrally developed.


To serve our people, especially the poor, needy and marginalised by empowering them towards integral human development guideed by the Gospel values and the social teachings of the Church.

Organizational Information

With the guidence of Bishop Isaac Danu, Bishop of Taungngu Diocese KMSS-Taungngu has been roughly established in 1996 and there was only one priest inchard of it, namely, Rev.Fr. John Gawdy. At that time,there wwere no office and staffs. It was run by inclusive participation of Parish Committee members for the victims of flood, fire , storm and natural disaster with Lenten Fund. There were no Particular donors. In the years of 1998,2000,2001, Bishop Issac Danu chose and sent (3) priests to Philippine for Development and Leadership course. After that KMSS-Taungngu was founded and established with some priests, nuns and Lay persons in 2001 July12.Their main priorty and focus are Education,Health,Literature and Agriculture for parishioners.

KMSS - Taungngu is one of Faith based organizations working under the umbrella of Catholic Bishop Conference Myanmar(CBCM). The office is working under the guideline and principlesof Catholic social teachings (CST). The office is located in Bago Region, Taungngu, quarter(7),Bohmu PhoKun Road. There are five program sectors that the office is working on. They are: Education, Health, Livelihood, relief and social protection. The activities of these program sectors are implemented in different parts of areas such as northen karen state, southern shan state and Eastern Bago Region. The office applying the polices relevant to the organization.It also has common strategy, HR and Finance manuals as other KMSS Offices have which are very important for organization. The structure of the office is composed of chairman(Bishop), Advisory Board, Director, Program Coordinator, HR sector, M&E sector, Finance sector , Admin and logistic sector and programs sector.There are altogether (40) Saffs(M)23 ,(F)17 in the office. Office working hour per day is from 9:00am to 5:00pm.


Director: Fr. Abel Aung Tun

Phone: +95 5423147

Address: Catholic Church Compound, Kaymar Rd, Taungngu



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