Our people empowered transformed and integrally developed.


To serve our people, especially the poor, needy and marginalized by empowering them towards integral human development guided by the Gospel values and the Social Teaching of the Church.

Organization Information

Karuna Mission Social Solidarity- Mawlamyine Diocese was officially established at Mawlamyine city in 2002, under the guidance of Bishop Raymond Saw Po Ray. It had been serving the people in the various fields such as Education support for High school students, Teachers’ Training, Health Awareness Training, Child Protection, WASH, Community Health Workers’ Training, Small farms for livelihood, Emergency Response & Resettlement, Peace Building Training, and IDP’s program in the years of 2002-2012. After 2012, almost all of mentioned programs/projects were terminated in Mawlamyine office.

     Thai-Burma Border Program was initiated in 2012 and ended in 2016. ECCD was begun in 2014 and presently continued. Anti-human Trafficking & Promotion of Safe Migration (AHT) was initiated in 2015 and presently continued to upgrade the approaches of program.

     In accordance with the mandate of diocesan bishop, all staffs and office’ assets were shifted to Myeik on 6 April 2016.

     The total area covered up for all abovementioned projects/programs is approximately 516.12 Km (from north to south) and 154.83 Km (from east to west) of Tanintharyi Division which includes Thayetchaung, Palaw, Myeik, Kyun Su, and Bokpyin Townships.

     As Tanintharyi region has been emerging economically and socially to more prospective development both in communities and infrastructure   after having signed NCA in this region, KMSS-MLM is aware to move its location into that region. According to National Statistic of 2014, Tanintharyi region is lightly populated with 1.5 million inhabitants in the area of 43,344.9 km2.

      After settled down at Myeik in 2016, Civil Society Strengthening & Pro-poor Market (CS&PPM) was introduced in our diocese, jointly coordinating with other 6 dioceses, started in 2017; and it has been progressing steadily. Community Forestry for indigenous people in selected hilly area was successfully implemented in the years of 2017 and 2018. At present, that community is able to continue this program by their own relentless effort. Scaling up Nutrition and Maternal Assistance & Child Health was initiated in 2018, coordinating with other 5 dioceses and continued with many successful stories among the communities living on Islands. 


Director: Fr. Fr. Hubert

Address: No.43, Myopat (1) St, Kalwin Yeepone Qt, Myeik

Tel: 057-23187, 09425266737, 0925594496 (Fr.)

Email: kmssmawlamyine@gmail.comhubertcharm@gmail.

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